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Motorhome Hire in Scotland

Introducing the Lowland Motorhome Hire team, they are committed to your holiday requirements and are truly passionate about motorhome hire in Scotland, the UK and across Europe

About Lowland Motorhome Hire

Karen and Iain established Lowland Motorhome Hire in late May 2012. We are a small family run business based in Newtongrange, Midlothian. We have easy access to all major roads and Edinburgh airport within 15 miles.

Ian Profile PicAs we were Motorhome hirers ourselves and were constantly frustrated and very disappointed with poor service and unfathomable prices, everything seemed to be an extra and unloved Motorhomes that you as a customer were paying top dollar for. This is when we decided that we could do this much better ourselves.

We started our business because we love our motorhome holidays and trips (We’ve hired motorhomes ourselves for many holidays and especially for to go and watch formula 1 and moto gp) but never found a truly exceptional company that was truly customer focused, this left us always travelling the length and breadth of the country trying to find a suitable company to hire from, and we never found that company we never hired more than once from the same company.

Quite often we would hire motorhomes for 12 or 15 days but what we found that was most companies only allowed you to hire for 7 day periods, so our 12 day holiday cost us 14 days and our 15 day holiday had to be shortened to 14 days as the hire company wanted to charge us another 7day hire for the one extra day we required. We found this very off putting and expensive.

We know how confusing motorhome hire in scotland can be with its prices fluctuating from month to month and even week to week in some cases and then there is all the extras you end up having to purchase for your holiday. This is where we come in.

Karen Profile PicLowland Motorhome Hire began to offer a service thats all inclusive. We are here for our customers from the initial contact right through to the motorhome hire itself and for support when on holidays.

We offer a truly genuine customer focused holiday with fantastic customer satisfaction and with help or advise never more than a phone call away. We wished we had this service when we were hiring motorhomes but we are more than pleased to offer this service to all our customers now.

Our Motorhomes for hire and our prices are simple and clear.

No matter when you are hiring, all our Motorhomes come with: Full kitchen utensils, TV/DVD Player, towels, bedding, toilet and kitchen packs – basically everything right down to even supplying complimentary tea, coffee, milk, sugar, salt, pepper, sauces and even some jam for your toast

A motorhome hire is a fantastic way to see our country or further afield if you so desire, whether it’s crisp winter mornings, gazing up at the summer sky at night or enjoying autumn outdoors then Motorhome hire is the way to go.

We also provide Motorhomes for that special occasion whether it be a romantic weekend away, family holiday, going to sporting weekends, or music festivals – then we are here to help.

So if you would like to hire a motorhome from people whom are passionate about their business, know their product and understand their customers’ needs then you are here, contact the team at Lowland Motorhome Hire today