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Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd Scotland Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Motorhome Hire

The rental of the motorhome is for the period from the pickup date to the return date.  If you fail to return the motorhome to the return point on the return date and by the latest return time, you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions and will be charged for every day or part day after the return date and time. Failure to return at the designated time may result in prosecution for driving whilst uninsured.

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions prior to arrival at the office as you must confirm your acceptance of these Terms prior to departing with the motorhome.

All drivers must be present on collection of the motorhome and bring for identification purposes the following to qualify with our insurers (each driver must bring):

UK drivers – DVLA code (see below). Their full valid photocard driving licence (if you still have the old paper style licence, then we will also require a valid passport for photographic identification), and then 2 separate proofs of address with matching addresses i.e., utility bill/bank statement (confirming your home address). These proofs of addresses must be dated within 90 days of the hire start date and must correspond with the address on your driving licence. You will also need a credit or debit card for the damage excess.

UK drivers also need the check code from DVLA. To get your unique code please either go to: Your unique code is valid for 21 days. Please note that if you have any difficulty generating your driving licence code then we can do that with you when you pick the Motorhome up, all we will require you to bring to check your licence is your national insurance number. Please note that this will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Please note that your unique code is only for UK licence holders and is a one-time code only and is case sensitive.

Non-UK licence holders/residents – Their full valid driving licence, one other form of photographic ID and then 2 separate proofs of address with matching addresses dated within 90 days of the hire start date. You will also need a credit of debit card for the damage excess

You must complete a handover condition report of the motorhome to identify the state of repair of the motorhome and any damage prior to its pickup.

Collection – Please allow 1 hour for the hand-over at the office – to complete the documentation and demonstrate your motorhome to you.

Please note:  The motorhome depot is a busy location with many moving heavy vehicles. It is the sole responsibility of parents, custodians, and guardians of children to maintain control and supervision of children they are responsible for, AT ALL TIMES. Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents resulting in injury or death to children due to lack of supervision by their parents, guardians, or custodians. There is an office portcabin at the depot with seating and it is recommended that one parent, guardian or custodian stay with their children within this office whilst another adult member(s) of the hiring party attend a vehicle briefing within the motorhome.

Return: The vehicle must be returned on the correct date, and before the time stated on the rental agreement – please allow 30 minutes for the hand-over at the office. Motorhomes must be returned undamaged, with the same amount of diesel that was supplied at the handover of the vehicle, empty waste water and toilet cassette and the interior clean and in the same condition as they left the office, otherwise a charge will be made for additional cleaning /valeting and or upholstery cleaning. In addition, a separate toilet cleaning fee will apply if the toilet waste tank is not empty on return.

Please note: there are no toilet emptying facilities at Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd (LMH Ltd) office so this must be emptied prior to return.

Late return: If you will be late returning, Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd must be advised immediately. You must STOP and contact us, failure to do so may invalidate your insurance and result in prosecution for driving whilst uninsured. A late return is considered any time after 10am.  Please note this includes, vacating and cleaning the motorhome. All motorhomes MUST be returned, vacated, and cleaned by 10am.

A charge of £150.00 will be payable for ANY late returns and we will also charge another full night hire on top of the late return fee if you have still not returned by 4pm.

You must look after the motorhome and the keys to it. You must always keep the motorhome locked securely at all times when unattended, ensuring that you use any, and all security devices fitted and supplied with the motorhome.

You must protect the motorhome from adverse weather conditions which can cause damage to the motorhome.

You must ensure that you use the correct fuel for the motorhome.  If the wrong fuel is used, you will legally be accountable for payment of the repair bill.

You must not sell, rent, or dispose of the motorhome or any of its parts, fixtures, fittings or items included in the hire.

You must not grant anyone legal rights over the motorhome.

You will be responsible for breakages and repairs to the motorhome while it is in your possession.

You must not let anyone work on the motorhome without Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd.’s prior permission.

You must let us know as soon as you become aware of any faults in or with the motorhome.

You are totally responsible for the motorhome until it is safely returned from the hire.  We will inspect it on return to ensure we are satisfied with the condition in which it has been returned.  You must complete a return report with us to identify the state of repair of the motorhome and any damage prior to its return.  Any points as to the state of repair on which you disagree must be clearly identified.  In the absence of such identification, you will be deemed to accept the content of the return report in its entirety.

You are responsible for any loss or damage to the motorhome caused by negligence, misuse or otherwise, whether or not such loss or damage was caused by you.

You will have to pay costs of repair of any interior or exterior damage or loss to the motorhome or its equipment.

Before you return the motorhome, you must ensure you have not left any personal belongings in the motorhome.  We are not under obligation to return any such belongings left by you.

You and any other driver must not use the motorhome for towing.

No-one other than you or any other named driver in the insurance policy may drive the motorhome.

You must be aged between 21 and 79 years of age during the rental term. Please note that drivers 25-75 years are subject to a £1000 damage excess and drivers aged 21-24 years and 76-79 years are subject to £1500 damage excess. Only persons named on the rental agreement are insured to drive the motorhome (subject to insurers approval).

Every driver must hold and have held at the pickup date for at least 2 consecutive years, a valid UK driving licence, other valid national licence or a valid international driving licence.

You and any other named driver must not use the motorhome for hire or reward, for illegal purposes, for racing and or teaching someone else to drive.  You must not use the motorhome whilst under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.

You must not drive the motorhome outside Scotland, England, or Wales, unless you have requested this in your booking request.

All Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd motorhomes are non-smoking vehicles. Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd reserves the right to impose additional Valeting and or Upholstery cleaning fees and charge demurrage should smoke be detected in the motorhome.

I will not allow any animals to be carried in the Vehicle

The following charges are payable by you:

You must empty the toilet at the end of the rental term.  There is a £60 charge for un-emptied toilets. There are NO emptying facilities on Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd site.

Any item of stained upholstery will be charged up to and including £180 per item.

A £180 charge will be made for very dirty interior and exterior.

A £120 cleaning charge if the ban of smoking and £150 if the ban of animals has been ignored.

A £150 cleaning fee is pre-authorised on departure. Unless the motorhome is returned in the same spotless condition as received, Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd have the right to collect this on your return.

A £400 charge if the sat nav is broken/damaged. We reserve the right to charge up £1000 if the sat nav is a built-in system.

A Late return fee will be charged for any motorhome returned after 10am.  The Motorhome must be cleaned, vacated and inspected by ourselves by 10am.

You must pay all fines/parking charge notices and costs (including court costs) incurred for parking on public or private land, traffic or other offences, congestion charges (including if the motorhome is clamped).  You must pay the appropriate authority/company any fines and costs if and/or when the authority demands this payment.  If you do not, we have the consent to inform third parties of your details if a charge/fine is received under your rental hire. You will also be responsible for any administration charges incurred by Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd in dealing with these matters.

You are liable to pay the insurance policy excess per incident if costs and repairs are expected to exceed the excess amount.

The following are excluded from the insurance cover but still chargeable to the customer:

Damage to the windscreen and windows.

Damage to the tyres caused by braking, punctures, cuts or bursts.

Mechanical, electrical, computer failures, breakdowns or breakages.

Loss of use, wear and tear, depreciation in value of the motorhome after a claim has been made under the insurance policy.

Claims involving fraud or deception.

Theft because of keys remaining in the motorhome whilst unoccupied.

The first 25% of the value of any claim for loss or damage following theft or attempted theft of the motorhome.

Loss or damage to, or theft of, the TV, radio stereo equipment and aerials.

Interior damage including burns to seats, carpets, and other damage.

Vandalism damage of any kind to the motorhome.

Damage or loss of personal effects within or from the motorhome.

Damage to the Motorhomes clutch.

You are responsible for the security of the motorhome.  You must ensure it is locked and parked in a safe, well-lit location.  You must take every precaution to prevent loss from or theft of the motorhome.

Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd recommend that all hirers have adequate travel insurance in place that will cover your late cancellation of hire booking. It is also advisable for such a policy to protect hirers and others in the travelling party against theft of personal belongings etc.

A full tank of fuel is supplied with the motorhome upon its pickup and you must return the motorhome with a full tank of fuel.  Any fuel shortage will be charged at £120.

You are responsible for the regular check of the oil and water levels and the use of the correct type of fluids during the rental term.

Generators are not permitted unless authorisation given prior to departure.

You acknowledge on pick up, the rental of the motorhome and contents free from defect or damage and complete the specified condition report.  You are advised to check the motorhome thoroughly before departure.  The breakdown or malfunction of equipment after the motorhome has been handed over will not be accepted as a reason to abort or cancel the rental contract.

Upon return of the motorhome, we will check the motorhome for damage, cleanliness, fuel, condition of tyres, windscreen, bumpers, roof light, mirrors, doors and internal habitation equipment and complete the return report jointly with you.

Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd reserve the right to refuse to hand over the motorhome to any person who, in our reasonable opinion is not suitable to take charge of the motorhome. We take no liability in relation to the aborted hire.

You must report an accident to the Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd as soon as possible after the accident. Your responsibility:
a) In the event of any accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the vehicle, I will notify Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd within 2hrs of the event and within 24 hours maximum.
ii. Obtain the names and addresses of third parties and any witnesses and report the event to the nearest police station.
iii. Complete an accident claim form as supplied.
iv. Not make any admission of liability to other parties, settlement offer or other like offer.
v. Assist Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending Court to give evidence.
b) I acknowledge that the excess or other amount due by me in respect of any damage arising from an accident, loss or damage is payable at the time of reporting the event and not at the completion of the rental period, regardless of which party is at fault.
c) I will pay for any costs relating to the delivery of a change over vehicle as a result of an accident regardless of which party is at fault.
d) No security deposit or insurance excess will be refunded until claim is settlement.

Other Charges I will pay Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd:

Demurrage: the daily rental rate for the period the Motorhome is off fleet; for example, for accident repairs.
Any additional costs over and above the security deposit/excess value should damages exceed the security deposit/excess value.
The cost to recover a Vehicle.
In the case of gross negligence Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd reserves the right to recover full costs in order to return the motorhome to the state in which it was handed over.

You will bear all costs of breakdown or repair in circumstances where the incident is the result of negligence on your part, for example by running out of fuel, filling tank with the wrong fuel, locking keys inside the motorhome or losing keys.

If the motorhome is damaged but still usable and legally drivable (decided by LMH Ltd or our breakdown company) and the customer refuses to drive any further, then we will arrange recovery and you will be charged £1500 for the cost of the recovery.

I agree that during the rental period, I will not and will not allow the motorhome to be;

  1. a) Driven otherwise than in a cautious, prudent and normal manner;
    b) Used in a manner which could cause damage
    c) Driven in a prohibited area or in an area other than the areas indicated by me to Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd
  2. d) Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or with a blood alcohol level in excess of that permitted by law.
    e) Left with the ignition key in the vehicle while it is unoccupied
    f) Left unoccupied without Satellite Navigation being removed from windscreen.
    g) Driven by persons:
    Under the age of 21 years;
    (ii.) Who is not authorised by law to drive the Vehicle. Particulars of a proposed licensed driver of the Vehicle are set out under the heading ‘Hire’s name/ contact’ on the Rental Agreement.
    h) Damaged by:
    Submersion in water
    ii. Contact with Salt Water
    i) Used for any illegal purpose for any race, rally or contest
    j) Used to tow any vehicle or trailer.
    k) Used to carry passengers or property for hire or reward
    l) Used to carry more persons than is permitted by any relevant authority or detailed in the Vehicle manual or on the Vehicle or specified in this agreement
    m) Used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or inflammable material
    n) Otherwise used in breach of my obligations under this Agreement.

Road Restrictions
a) All Vehicles may only be driven on sealed / bitumen roads.
b) I acknowledge that Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions or any other reasonable cause.

Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd authorises the use of these vehicles up to the stated number of passengers. Each person is to use the safety restraints provided at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Child seats are available upon request for a small fee, Children up to 12 years of age or 135cm in height, which ever they reach first, must use the correct child restraints appropriate for their weight under UK law.

Cancellation Policy for Hirers:

The cancellation policy for all motorhomes hired with Lowland Motorhome Hire Ltd is as follows:

The following cancellation charges will apply:

Up to 12 weeks before start date – Loss of booking fee, normally £100.  Campanda customers will lose the 30% deposit paid.

Between 12 – 8 weeks before start date of Hire – Payment required of 50% of vehicle hire charge and will be charged to Hirer.
Between 8 weeks to start date of hire – Payment is required for 100% of vehicle hire charge and will be fully charged to hirer.

Once a confirmed booking is agreed, then these cancellation charges will be in effect.

It is strongly advised that all hirers have an adequate travel insurance policy in place that will the late cancellation of hire booking. It is also advisable for such a policy to protect hirers and others in the travelling party against theft of personal belongings etc.

Please download and complete our Terms and Conditions Form from the link below

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